Everybody has diverse needs for career support, whether they are already on their way to building a successful career in their current organisation, or looking to progress in a new organisation or a new field. Today we discuss Career Development and Career Fulfilment to help you engineer not just greater success at work but also personal and professional fulfilment. 

Our guests today
Yassine Lahlou

Yassine is a current INSEAD MBA Candidate and finance professional, passionate about Innovation, Africa, and Entrepreneurship. Yassine has built an impressive collection of experiences in the financial services industry, including Financial Due Diligence at Deloitte in Paris and Private Equity Valuation at IHS Markit in London.
Yassine is part of the leadership team of the Africa Club and the Investment Banking Club and represented INSEAD at the LBS Private Equity Case Competition (1st place). 

Charles Labelle

Charles is the Head of Employer Engagement for Europe & Americas at INSEAD. Charles is an International Business veteran with 20 years of expertise and continuous advancement in leadership, coaching, marketing, sales, and new product development.

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We are now giving you the ability to ask our future guests your questions about career development and how to achieve career fulfilment. Head to www.inse.ad/itk9 to submit your question or upvote questions from other listeners, and we will then ask our next guests the top-ranking questions. Each poll will be open for the first two weeks of every month; the earlier you submit your question, the more likely it is to be upvoted by other listeners. 

Discover More 

For a collection of thought pieces, expert opinions and first-hand accounts on the topics of career development and leadership curated to guide you on your journey from manager to mentor head to https://intheknow.insead.edu/

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