Partners and children enrich and enliven our community and we try to make sure that everyone benefits from the INSEAD experience. Through the availability of on-campus support, activities and the INSEAD Partners' community INSEAD children even get their own network of international friends, just like mum and dad. Plus, both Singapore and Fontainebleau are child-friendly places to live.

Our Guests

Ana Val Romera

Ana is a supply chain specialist with bachelor and master degrees in industrial engineering. Before pursuing her MBA, Ana joined Daimler in 2014 and managed Daimler's largest spare part procurement team and oversaw 40% of Daimler’s global spare part procurement worth a total of €820 million.

Tim van Vliet

Tim is the Co-founder of an alternative protein start-up INSEACT His start-up has received many awards, including the INSEAD Venture Competition, INSEAD Social Impact Award, Most Disruptive MBA Start-Up of 2019 (Poets and Quants) and the MBA Start-Up to look Out For In 2020 (Business Because).


Visit to find more information about partners and families within the INSEAD MBA programme. 


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