INSEAD's Master in Management (MIM) programme is designed to empower the next generation of innovative individuals who are ready to positively impact society. If you are a young professional with zero to two years of work experience looking to learn beyond theory, acquire practical skills and maximise your career potential, INSEAD's MIM is one to explore. Discover more about the programme as we discuss the INSEAD MIM student experience with a couple of pioneering MIM students on topics ranging from class experience and diversity to career services, academics and more.

Our Guests

Raag Sudah

Raag is the Founder of an integrated education hub with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Raag has honed her skills in Nonprofit Organizations, Analytics, Communication, Management, and Leadership.

Jeffery Dong 

Jeffery's career highlights to date include conducting due diligence for early-stage startups, interviewing founders, startup operators & venture capitalists and researching & analyzing parallels between the ‘kingmakers’ of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Jeffery also co-launched Wrapped Up, a curated weekly newsletter to give you insights into the world of startups and VC, from the East to the West.

Time Stamp

02:39 - Guest background and career aspirations

03:42 - What does it feel like to be a part of the Pioneering class of MIMs at INSEAD?

04:57 - The main motivation for wanting to partake in the MIM programme at INSEAD

07:35 - The preparation done before coming to INSEAD, and tips for future MiM students thinking about applying.

10:42 - Challenges faced and how did you overcome them?

14:24 - What does a typical day look like for a MIM student at INSEAD?

17:58 - Most exciting moments about being in the MIM programme

21:39 - What are the things you did during your free time, and how did that change after moving to Singapore?

26:35 - How was it like to mix and interact with the MBAs on each campus?

29:01 - Tell us about your cohort and how the international/global aspect affects the dynamics of the classroom

31:44 - What would you say the classroom experience was like?

34:15 - How did you organise your workload and studying? Did you study more in groups or individually?

36:19 - How would you describe the INSEAD MIM culture?

39:34 - If you were to go back in time and do things differently in MIM, is there anything you would change?

42:20 - If you had to summarise your experience at INSEAD in 3 words or less, what would it be?

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